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Get Ready To Sink Your Teeth Into The World's Best Culinary Creations

Welcome to Licensed to EAT™! The official online food judge certification class presented by the World Food Championships!


This class trains foodies in its very own EAT™ methodology, the scoring system that allows any dish to be judged consistently using three key criteria: Execution, Appearance and Taste.


Upon completion of this class, not only will you be more knowledgeable on judging great competition food, you'll also be eligible to judge at any

WFC-sanctioned event.

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About The EAT™ Methodology

WFC’s “Licensed to EAT™” judging classes have attracted more than 3,000 foodies from far and wide to earn certification –– spanning from California to Tanzania, Africa and everywhere in between. Now it's your turn!

In order to judge thousands of dishes, from ten different categories, in a fair and consistent way, WFC created its own proprietary judging method called "EAT" .

The "E" in EAT™ stands for execution. Based on the title and structure of the dish, each judge will give a score based on how well the dish was made.

The "A" in EAT™ stands for appearance. Judges will base this score on how the dish looks and if it is appetizing. Contrary to the EAT™ acronym, the appearance will be the first field scored.

The "T" in EAT™ stands for taste. Each dish will be scored on how well the flavors complement each other and examine if it tastes good.

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